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Eco Racing Fuel Saver The Best Fuel Saver In World

fuel saver

fuel saver

Eco Racing Fuel Saver – fuel has become an inevitable need. along with the increase in fuel prices, the higher the cost must be spent to meet our fuel needs. For this reason, a new breakthrough is needed to become a solution of fuel saver, so that our fuel expenditure is well controlled.

For those of you who are looking for a solution, so that the fuel consumption for both your vehicle and industry is more efficient. You are on the right site at this time. Please continue reading to get more complete information to solve the problem of your fuel consumption costs

Currently the company PT. Bandung Eco Sinergy Technology which is located in Bandung Indonesia has released fuel-saving products since January 2017. And this fuel-saver product is very very marketable. Until the last few months the product orders have been indented. This shows how the quality and benefits of this fuel-saving product are felt by the people who have used it.

What products do we offer to you? we offer fuel-saving products under the eco racing brand.

Eco Racing is available in several variants that are used according to the type of fuel you use in vehicles or industrial machinery. Like generators and heavy equipment. Available eco racing motors, eco racing cars and eco racing diesel.

What is the Fuel Saver Eco Racing? 

exhaust gas emissions

exhaust gas emissions

Eco Racing is a fuel additive that is able to improve quality and increase octane in gasoline and CN value in diesel.

Eco racing fuel saver, is the result of research for 10 years by the best graduate of Bandung Institute of Technology University. It has also been tested in the laboratory and due diligence also emissions testing in the Indonesian transportation department and official Toyota and Daihatsu workshops.

Eco racing is made from full organic so it can blend with fuel to maximize fuel quality and improve engine capabilities. Which is made as follows:

  • Detergent Chemical Organic which functions to improve combustion and maintain the engine remains excellent.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor. Can prevent corrosion / rust in tanks, petrol channels and engines. and throw away the remaining rust due to the wrong use of gasoline.
  • De Emulsion Can separate pure substances from fuels with impurity emulsions such as rain water etc. So that it does not affect the combustion process.

By using eco racing, combustion in the engine becomes effective so that exhaust emissions become cleaner, Carbon monoxide gas (CO) is 100% lost. Complete combustion of the engine means that all gasoline and diesel fuel (in the form of steam) in the engine burns out so that the engine becomes more powerful.

One thing that is very important that the eco racing fuel saver is made from ingredients that are 100% natural organic. This is certainly very important because organic ingredients will not cause negative effects in long-term use.

Benefits of Eco Racing 

Fuel saving is a very satisfying result of eco racing products. Which is the final result of a series of other benefits that are not less important. 

There are some initial benefits of eco racing products besides saving fuel consumption. that is: 

  1. Cleanse the crust in the engine combustion chamber, spark plugs, tanks and fuel lines on the vehicle.
  2. Protect the engine with Nano Technology.
  3. Eliminating carbon monoxide (CO) pollution by up to 100%.
  4. Extends oil life up to 3 times than usual.
  5. Increase 5-10 octane in gasoline and 2-5 CN in diesel fuel.
  6. Increases engine power and acceleration.
  7. Eliminate knocking on the machine.
  8. Save fuel up to 30-50%.

These are the benefits that you will enjoy if you use the eco racing fuel saver product.

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How To Use Eco Racing 

How to use eco racing products is very simple and easy, just put it in the vehicle tank just before charging the fuel.

The rates are as follows:

  • 1 Pill racing motor racing: 3-4 liters of gasoline.
  • 1 Pills eco racing car: 20-30 liters of gasoline.
  • 1 Pills eco racing diesel: 40-60 liters of diesel.

Although one of the functions of eco racing is to extend the life of engine oil. But because other functions are eroding the crust on the piston head and engine room. So it is better to use the engine oil change during initial use for one month.

Because some of the eroded crust is wasted through the exhaust pipe (exhaust). But some are carried away and mixed with engine oil.

But for further use after the first engine oil change. Then the next oil change may be carried out with a tripling of 3 times the normal usage.

So many have felt the best benefits of eco racing. And our customers give voluntary acknowledgment without us trying to request from them.

fuel consumption

fuel saver


There are thousands of testimonies that we have received, but we will present them here just a few. If we present it all will certainly take up your valuable time to read it


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